Every human function affected by ACEs, says Anda

Although the ACE Study shows a direct link between child trauma and adult onset of chronic disease, it’s not just health that’s affected by child trauma, says Dr. Rob Anda in this presentation he did in May at a meeting of the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative in Canada. “I see this as a developmental process that affects all of society,” he says.

Anda is one of the co-founders of the CDC’s ACE Study. In case you haven’t seen Anda in person, it’s worth checking out this 53-minute video — The Wide-Ranging Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences: Connecting the Developmental Lens to the Health of our Society. It’s fascinating.

Anda incorporates art from Paul Klee, Michelangelo, W. Eugene Smith and others into his talks. “All art, to me,” Anda says, “mimics public health.” His interpretation of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” is an eye-opener.

Toward the end of the 53-minute presentation is a short video of a woman Anda met at a community meeting in Washington state several years ago. When she filled out the short 10-question ACE survey, and answered yes to all 10 questions, a light bulb went on. I’ll let you watch the video to find out what she did with that knowledge.

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