For traumatized kids, angel mentors that stick around

Check out this fabulous article by David Bornstein about Friends of the Children that was in the New York Times Opinionator section’s Fixes blog in October.

They go to classrooms and look for children who are not just acting out aggressively like Samuel, but who are withdrawn, depressed or display a marked absence of emotion. They don’t just assess the family situation — many kids have a staggering array of challenges but also natural resilience — they look for children who are overwhelmed by their circumstances. And where most mentoring programs make connections that last from 9 to 18 months, Friends guarantees its children 12 years of continuous mentoring at least four hours every week with no summer breaks — typically beginning in kindergarten and extending until high school graduation.

As the article mentions, mentoring programs are supported by everyone, including Republicans and Democrats. According to the article, mentoring programs can help kids stay in school and avoid violence and drug use. Anyone who works with severely Continue reading

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