Monday/Jan 9 roundup

Missouri child abuse task force meets for first time. The 16-member Task Force for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children met, the Springfield News-Leader reported. “Lawmakers created the task force during the previous legislative session to investigate causes and cures for abuse,” according to the report. Task force members met last Friday for the first time, but haven’t decided exactly what they’ll do yet.

Crying Baby program used in two Colorado hospitals. Since 2009, every new parent at hospitals in Colorado Springs and Fort Carson watches a 15-minute video, talks with a nurse, and signs a pledge not to abuse their child, according to KRDO-TV in
Colorado Springs. “Parents keep a copy which includes the phone number for KPC Kids Place , a center in Colorado Springs that provides free care for children if parents feel overwhelmed.”

Teen says community needs to support abuse victims. In an interesting guest column in the San Jose Mercury News, Kim Jejia-Cuellar, who attends Media Academy in Oakland, CA, writes: “Often at my high school, teenagers play around, touching each other’s hair and play-fighting by calling each other names. Some may not think it’s a big deal, but the truth is that many times it is. Not everyone feels comfortable playing that way. Throughout my years in high school, I’ve noticed that teachers don’t always step in to stop the name-calling or the play-fighting.”

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