Roundup: Poignant, powerful story about boxer’s child sex abuse; Billy Bob Thornton’s new film based on his family trauma; 2 reporters examine state, local child abuse

The Living Nightmare — Quanitta Underwood: A Contender for Olympic Gold and a Survivor — Barry Bearak’s profile in the New York Times sports section begins ominously and gets worse: “The two sisters shared a bed, and each night, with their hearts hammering, they would listen for the turn of the knob and

the push of the door. Quanitta Underwood was 10, her sister Hazzauna, 12. The walls of the house were thin, and the girls could hear every move their father made. Hear him sit up, hear him get out of bed, hear him walking their way.”

Thornton confronts own family trauma in wartime drama – AFP’s Deborah Cole quotes Thornton: “My father was a very violent Irishman. There was abuse both verbally and physically in our household. He was a Korean war veteran, in the navy, he was a very intense guy who I don’t think I had a conversation with. He would take my brother and I to car wrecks and he would stand there and smoke Lucky Strikes and stare. That was how he connected with us.” The film is called “Jayne Mansfield’s Car”.

Child abuse and neglect a sinister problem across Alaska — Carey Restino of examines the issue.

Child abuse: Statistics tell wide tale, but crime preventable, Big Country experts say — Greg Kendall-Ball of the Abilene Reporter-News looks at child abuse in Abilene, TX.

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