Roundup: Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Britain efforts to stop family violence; SF’s got it right; Iowa police chiefs want more help for families

In Lebanon, where it’s not against the law for men to physically or sexually abuse their wives, about 300 people rallied over the weekend “to raise awareness of Lebanon’s lack of laws protecting women from domestic abuse,” says Brooke Anderson’s report on Lebanon’s The country’s legislature has been sitting on a domestic violence bill since 2010.

In Turkey, where 40 percent of women have reported experiencing violence at some point in their lives, the Istanbul

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Our stories: Linda Lee’s introduction to her healing

Linda Lee, whose profession is in sales and marketing, is beginning to write her story. Here’s the first part.

How do I begin to tell my story when there are so many layers, years passed, time that can never be replaced?  I ask myself this question often… In truth…I perfected how to be a chameleon as an adult.  This is how I survived.

There is so much screaming to come out of me, and each time, I hesitate. Do I want to open another door?  Do I have a choice in how I make agreements with myself on what I want to remember and don’t?

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