Helping traumatized disaster victims; Rhianna-Brown brouhaha; Maine’s new DV bills

IsraAID has been helping Japan’s tsunami victims by providing training to handle post-traumatic stress disorder, according to this very touching story by Boaz Arad on IsraAID organizes art, music, movement and drama therapy sessions as a mostly nonverbal method  to help people express their feelings.

And, in Haiti, a team from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine is training 120 health care workers to use CMBM’s mind-body techniques to help Haitians still suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from the 2010 earthquake. It’s the second time that the Washington, D.C.-based organization has done a training session in Haiti.

In case you haven’t heard about the Rhianna-Chris Brown brouhaha….he brutally attacked her in 2009,

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