Roundup: Time to change FL spanking law? Toxic stress and kids

Devery Broox was found not guilty of child abuse after “berating a 7-year-old boy, shaving his eyebrows and head as punishment and forcing him to do calisthenics,” said this report by Susan Jacobson in the Orlando Sentinel. “At one point, a slapping sound and the wailing of a child could be heard off camera.” Even though some jurors shirked in horror at the video that Broox had posted, Florida law says it’s not a crime “to impose reasonable physical discipline on a child for misbehavior … even though physical injury resulted from the discipline.” It’s worth taking a look at the video accompanying the text story, because Broox talks about his own past discipline, which he regards positively, including being paddled by a football coach and doing pushups as punishment. Elizabeth Gershoff, associate professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, did a 2008 study that found that parents “are legally permitted to administer physical punishment in all states except Minnesota,” according to the story.

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