Roundup: 6-year SafeCare test keeps more kids safe at home; child abuse streaming live; military sexual trauma affected 58K women, 49K men in 2010

A six-year $3.4 million test of the SafeCare model of treatment for the prevention of child abuse and neglect involving 2,175 parents reduced the number of children going back into Oklahoma’s child welfare system from 70 to 50 percent, according to this post by April Hill on Dr. Mark Chaffin, psychologist and professor of pediatrics at Oklahoma University’s College of Medicine, said that all home-based programs in Oklahoma have switched to the SafeCare model. According to the National SafeCare Training and Research Center site, the program is aimed at families with children under 5 years of age. The study is published in the March issue of Pediatrics, and is available at no charge online.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Nicky Phillips reports a disturbing trend: an increasing number of pedophiles are using live streaming of child abuse, which makes the offense difficult to trace and block. In addition, “more than half of all child abuse images and video were shared on peer-to-peer networks,” said the report, which means that people share files without using a central server, a practice that also makes this type of pornography difficult to stop.

Military sexual trauma leads to post traumatic stress disorder, and some people say that the Veterans Administration isn’t handling the issue well enough, according to this report in the Baltimore Sun by Matthew Hay Brown.

Dr. Patricia M. Hayes, the VA’s national director of women’s health, likens military sexual trauma to incest. “In the military, you rely on people in your unit to save your life, to serve together, to defend our country against the enemy,” she said. “If some serious event like a sexual assault occurs, you’ve been betrayed by your unit and by the people that you’ve lived with and served with.”

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