Roundup: 10% of Alberta men OK with DV; is Britain’s “Clare’s Law” a band-aid?; S.F. sheriff pleads guilty in DV case

Besides the 10% of men who think it’s OK to physically assault a women if a man gets angry at her, according to reports on  and, the good news is that 52  percent said it’s okay for a woman to leave a violent relationship if she wants to. And 52 percent don’t agree with the statement, “If a woman wears provocative clothing, she’s putting herself at risk for rape.”

Now that’s putting a very positive spin on the fact that essentially half of the men in Alberta, Canada think it’s NOT acceptable for a woman to leave a violent relationship, and they place some responsibility on a woman for being raped.

The results of the survey didn’t go down well with Alberta Premier Alison Redford. According to report, she said that some of the survey results “made me sick to my stomach.”

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