Roundup: Reporting child’s perspective in kidnapping; lotta turmoil in Congress over Violence Against Women Act; asking about trauma may reduce HIV; we need more science in criminal justice

KUDOS TO the Associated Press reporter and the headline writer for providing the child’s perspective in this story: “Kidnapped Boy to Experience Confusion, Trauma”.  The boy was kidnapped when he was 8 months old. CPS took him from the woman he’s known as his mother for the last eight years. She’s now in jail on kidnapping charges. He’s been placed with strangers in foster care. And when/if he’s reunited with his birth mother in Houston, he’ll be placed with another stranger. What’s this child’s ACE score so far? The story quoted a CPS spokeswoman:

“We’re going to have to go with what the therapist recommends. Of course it’s heartbreaking. I’m sure the parents want to see him. But for him, his family is back in St. Augustine.”

A LOT OF BROUHAHA in Congress over reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. It’s just adding more fuel to the fire that Republicans are

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