Roundup: Say no to cookie-cutter approach, says juvenile court judge; migraines, strokes linked to ACEs; is it OK to divorce your family?

Steven Teske, chief judge of the Juvenile Court of Clayton County, is well known for statements such as: “We lock up kids because they make us angry. The problem is not with kids, it’s with adults.” He’s also known for his efforts to prevent kids from being funneled into the juvenile justice system. In this week’s column for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, Teske mused about the “interesting paradox about how we use adolescent brain research”, just before a police escort arrived to accompany him to work. Here’s why:

Although it is taboo to diagnose adolescents with any psychopathy, the anti-social personality traits that some kids display keep us guessing if this kid is a serious risk to the community. What does this mean when kids like this are already wired to do stupid things? Kids having a psychopathy , who make poor decisions and act impulsively – well, they are really scary!

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