Oakland CA finding ways to help kids whose parents are in prison; Every Fourth Woman looking for art to promote DV awareness; child abuse or entertainment?

Micky Duxbury did a fabulous story on OaklandLocal.com about how a parent’s incarceration affects children, and what the community of Oakland, CA, is doing to help.

Duxbury focuses on Community Works, an Oakland nonprofit that started Project WHAT! in 2006 “to create programs and advocate for teens impacted by parents in prison. The youth are trained in team building, leadership skills and criminal justice advocacy.” They can join the organization’s speaker’s bureau, which has “reached more than 5,500 people in 14 California counties and seven states.”

Teens face unique challenges, according to “Children on the Outside: Voicing the Pain and Costs of Parental Incarceration,” a Justice Strategies report published in 2011. Like other children of incarcerated parents, they often face

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