Village Voice response to child prostitution campaign heartless? SC legislature overrides Haley’s veto of DV/rape crisis centers; a new way to fight youth crime in Chicago has released a TV ad that targets child prostitution. It goes after, a Craig’s List look-alike that has  adult ads. The ad features a 13-year-old girl, who says:

“He raped me a bunch of times and eventually he sold me to four or five men a day for $100 an hour. My pimp advertised me online at That’s how these guys would buy me. I’m 13.”

The girl is an actress, but her words are based on a true story, reports ABC15 in Phoenix. FAIR Girls executive director Andrea Powell told ABC15 that is “one of the biggest online marketplaces where underage girls are being advertised.”

“I can tell you, with the girls we have here, 80 percent of them have been advertised through Backpage,” said Lea Benson,

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