Aurora, CO, tragedy: If you’ve got kids at home, turn off the TV; stress and trauma normal reactions to tragedy; emotional reactions radiate out across Aurora and US

Children are traumatized more than adults when they’re inundated with scenes of tragedy, such as the shooting in Aurora, CO, according to a story by Shantal Parris Riley on It causes young children to lose perspective, said Dr. David Crenshaw, child trauma specialist and clinical director of the Children’s Home in Poughkeepsie.

“In cases like this, the most important thing a parent can do is turn off the TV,” said Julie Riess, developmental psychologist and director of Wimpfheimer Nursery School at Vassar College.

“These messages are not for children. They don’t have an accurate sense of time and place. For them, it might as well be happening in their own living room,” Riess said.

Other tips for helping children cope with the shootings were featured in this New York Daily News story.

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