Hitting, pushing kids increases risk of mental illness; WOOF pairs SF homeless, puppies needing friends; “disorder” diagnosis for kids disputed

Researchers looked at people who were pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped and hit as children — a step milder than “punching, burning, physical neglect or sexual abuse,” according to this post by Time.com reporter Bonnie Rochman. The results were grim: depression and anxiety were 1.4 times greater than those who did not experience the “mild” abuse; alcoholism increased 1.6 times and abuse of other drugs 1.5 times.

What qualifies as appropriate punishment is a hot-button topic among parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics opposes corporal

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117 ideas to make life better for young children and families in 2202

Gladys Richardson, a children’s advocate, sent me this list that she dug up from her files. It’s from a meeting on early care and education that she attended in Maine in 2002. In a 10-minute brainstorm, people came up with ideas for what they wanted life to be like for young children and families in 2202 — 200 years in the future.

Here’s the list of 117 ideas. It strikes me that we have the smarts and technology to shorten that time frame a bit. How about in the next 5 years??

What do you think about these? If you’ve got more ideas, please add them in the comments. We’ll give them to the communities such as Tarpon Springs, FL, Port Townsend, WA, and Walla Walla, WA, to consider as they implement their plans to reduce and prevent adverse childhood experiences.

1)    No more war.

2)    Every child will have 10 adults who love them unconditionally for their whole life and they know it.

3)    No child shall go hungry.

4)    Early care and education is the most respected and highly paid profession.

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Patience, not punishment, turns angry student into happy teen

[Editor’s note: In April, I posted a story about how Lincoln High School reduced its suspensions 85% by using a new method of school discipline. So many people were intrigued by how Lincoln High works that we thought you might be interested in these essays by Lincoln’s staff and students.]  

The choirs of Lincoln High School and Park Plaza Retirement Community rehearse together.


By Jim Sporleder
Principal, Lincoln High School

How do we create an environment that allows students with high toxic stress the same opportunity to learn and grow as students that aren’t experiencing difficult times in their lives?

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Spate of child sex abuse laws, but PA taking its time; Lauren Luke’s DV makeup video; black women’s obesity linked to childhood abuse

David Swanson of the Philadelphia Inquirer took this photo of Jerry Sandusky, after the former Penn State assistant football coach was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse.

Pennsylvania advocates aren’t rushing in to toughen laws on reporting child sex abuse as 10 other states have done, according to this detailed overview by Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeremy Roebuck. A task force that was created in January wants to examine the issue carefully so that legislation won’t

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