A military PTSD story with a happy ending; Penn State football players to wear blue ribbons for child abuse victims; Maui woman leads DV group that helped her; trauma webinar for public

IN THIS CASE, the all-too familiar story of a military veteran suffering the effects of PTSD and unwittingly abusing his family has a happy ending. In “The War That Came Home” Andrea Carlisle describes her experiences in grappling with the PTSD that her husband, Wes, experienced after his deployment to Iraq. In an article by Abbey Doyle posted to the HeraldBulletin.com in Anderson, IN, Carlisle describes events leading to their separation:

It started with nightmares and flashbacks but soon escalated. He was controlling and emotionally abusive.

“His rage created a house of fear and sadness,” Andrea wrote in the book. She said he did things like shredding a painting, putting holes in the wall and denting appliances.

And on Christmas Eve 2010 there was an incident involving a gun that she described in great detail in the book. The two had gotten into

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