More reasons why preventing child trauma is a good idea — fewer people in prison means fewer lives lost, and money saved

This fabulous infographic comes from the Pew Center on the States. Studies show that most people in prison have experienced childhood maltreatment (National Institute of Justice, University of Alaska Justice ForumIllinois Criminal Justice Information Authority).  Nearly all women in prison have experienced childhood trauma. The CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experience Study (ACE Study) shows that having a family member in jail can traumatize a child.

This is one more reason why it’s critical to prevent

childhood maltreatment by providing services to families to help them do everything they can to raise happy, healthy children. And to prevent people from going back to prison (note the 1 in 2.3 figure at the bottom of the graphic), it’s probably a good idea to avoid further traumatizing already traumatized people, and to help them heal and build resilience skills so that they can live free.

Tomorrow: More about state programs that are doing so, and resources for those who want to.

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  1. We have an adoptive RAD child that they lied about diagnosis and now won’t get him proper treatment facility here in Michigan because they don’t want to send him out of state? Guess they want the state to pay for him the rest of his life in one of their facilities or prison!! Go figure! that seems less expensive??????


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