High School for Recording Arts students in MN write song about how to counter toxic stress on kids’ brains

“Breathe” was written and produced by Ezekiel Miller and Isaiah Conaway, two students at the High School for Recording Arts in St. Paul, MN. According to the YouTube blurb, the song “was inspired by the research being done around the causes of traumatic stress on children’s brains ages 0-3 years old. This information needs to be delivered to the youth to effect change and Ezekiel and Isaiah chose music to be the vessel.”


  1. Ezekiel Miller and Isaiah Conaway, thank you for sharing your talents and personal stories to underscore the important message you share! We need you as leaders in this — for our youth and for all of us. We will spread this music video in Iowa for sure!


  2. Powerful & Hopeful; Imagine a world in which every child was beloved, nurtured, and loved by both parents, extended family and the entire community. To see glimpses of it in just one child and family, gives us pleasure. Let’s not blame parents, or society or schools.

    It is within our capacity to figure out how to 1) inspire all parents in realizing their deep, inherent desire to protect and nurture their child, 2) encourage parents to be active in parent networks in support of each other, and 3) lead our communities in creating informal networks that reach out gently to every parent of a newborn… at the very least to foster resilience and prevent Adverse Childhood Experiencs. In just one generation, at virtually no financial cost, the whole world would marvel at the awesome transformation. Babies can’t wait and neither should we.


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