What’s better than meds for kids with ADHD? Changing the behavior of parents.

parentSo says a study published in Pediatrics this week. The researchers reviewed 55 studies — 34 looked at parent behavior training (PBT), 15 at the used of prescription drugs, specifically methylphenidate, and six looked at a combination of parent training and school or day-care interventions.

The study was done, according to MedPageToday.com reporter Charles Bankhead, because the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, realized that there wasn’t much known about whether drugs or parent-behavior training were more effective in reducing symptoms in pre-school children at high risk for ADHD.

So, according to the article, Dr. Alice Charach, of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and her colleagues asked this question: “Among children younger than 6 years with ADHD or disruptive behavior disorder, what are the effectiveness and adverse-event outcomes after treatment?”

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Lebanon’s startling campaign against domestic violence

lebaneseBusiness Insider published ads from KAFA, the Lebanese nonprofit that’s sponsoring a campaign against domestic violence. The images depict women who have been hit or strangled. But….

Their wounds mimic the shape of the audio waveforms of words used against them: “whore,” “slut,” and “bitch.”

“Words hurt,” read the ads. The campaign calls light to the unseen scars left by verbal abuse. KAFA, which translates in Arabic to “enough,” provides a helpline number on each image.

According to Business Insider, Y&R Dubai created the ads. For other images from the campaign, check out the article.

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