Trauma past and present, and how to move on from trauma in the future


Here are three articles that might be of interest, from separate parts of the country, but interconnected in the growing awareness of how to understand, treat and prevent trauma. The first story looks at how those who were traumatized passed their trauma on to their children. The second story looks at how children who have experienced adversity aren’t really incurable — people just haven’t figured out how to help them. And the third offers some ways to build resilience.

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Women — and men — increasing their rejection of domestic violence, study shows


Max Fisher put together this map in an article for the Washington Post that shows how more women across the world say that domestic violence is never okay, according to the results of a study in the American Sociological Review by Rachael S. Pierotti at the University of Michigan. Pierotti examined what women in 26 different countries thought about intimate partner violence. Those countries appear in the colored parts of the map above — the gray areas are countries that were not included in the study. Fisher’s overview:

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The school discipline gap, visually

Youth Radio created an infographic based on one of the new reports out of the UCLA Civil Rights Project — showing how just one suspension in the ninth grade can decrease a student’s chances of graduating.  Here’s a Huffington Post story about the report issued last month — School Discipline Gap Explodes as 1 in 4 Black Students Suspended, Report Finds, and my follow-up: With Thousands of Schools Curbing Suspensions, There’s No Excuse for the Discipline Gap.
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