A theory of change from Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child

Frontiers of Innovation, part of Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, was launched in May 2011 at a meeting of 65 researchers and policymakers from diverse fields. They came with “minds wide open” to bridge their silos and developcreative approaches to help the most vulnerable children in society. This network has grown to more than 400 people.

The video provides a 5-minute look at the Frontiers of Innovation community’s goal of focusing on adults and strengthening communities to build a strong foundation for children’s lives. Here’s a slideshow that reviews the first year of work of this community.


  1. Hi Dennis – Yes, the Network system is still in place and can be reached to via any member of the aforementioned transition team. Data is still being examined and built upon and Laura Porter is the best resource to reach to directly at DSHS. You can reach Laura through her e-mail: portele@dshs.wa.gov

    Best regards,

    Trish McNabb, Eastside and Lewis County Community Networks


  2. Ok I did find the resource gateway on the website you posted (Frontiers of Innovation), Jane. Thanks.

    Would still like to know more about WA Family Policy Council and the community capacity building networks–tremendous research and innovation done there.


  3. This kind of work is right up my alley as we used to say in ancient times.
    Jane, do you know of an entry point/gateway to find out more details about participants and contact info?

    Sounds like Washington state is still innovating in developing community capacity. I’m wondering what has been going on there after the Washington State Family Policy Council apparently lost funding.

    Does anyone on this network know if the WA capacity building networks are continuing to collect research data? Any contact info for that?


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