Ariel Castro case a wake-up call to notice violence in homes around us

castrohouse2Ariel Castro’s house was demolished last week. This house has shocked the world: three women imprisoned, two since they were themselves children, and subjected to physical and psychological torture. The name ‘Cleveland’ has become an embodiment of violence, of captivity — and, for people like me who lived through years of abuse, a trigger of memories and pain we would prefer never to revisit.

Yet as livid as I have become every time I have thought of Castro and the horrors he inflicted upon Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, my sense of helplessness and rage at their tragedy has only been heightened by how little American society seems prepared to learn from their case and take preventive action.

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A tale of two orphans — Casey and “Joseph” — results in very different paths Kohen Kohen

Our first image of Casey in April 1991 came through another American couple who were in the process of adopting a two-year old boy named Joseph (not his real name). He lived in the same orphanage as Casey did in Mrągowo, Poland. They snapped a couple of pictures of her while they received Joseph, pictures that we’ll cherish forever. We kept in touch over the years, sending Christmas cards and photos of our children as they grew from infancy to toddlerhood to middle school and high school.

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