Oprah Winfrey addresses the long-term effects of trauma on CBS’s 60 Minutes


UPDATE:  Click here to view the segment (approximately 14 minutes) and the 60 Minutes Overtime interview with Oprah (about 5 minutes).
Oprah Winfrey addresses the long-term effects of childhood trauma this Sunday, March 11 on 60 Minutes (tune in on CBS at 7:00 p.m. ET). The word is spreading quickly about the potential impact of this 60 Minutes segment. One ACEs Connection member said “The cause now has an iconic “champion of champions.” This could be a significant game changer.” Another said we should all be prepared to respond afterwards with opeds and letters to the editors to local papers, meetings with legislators etc.

Oprah’s story features an interview with Dr. Bruce Perry and coverage of visits two trauma-informed Milwaukee organizations— SaintA and the Nia Imani Family Center. Oprah spent part of her youth in Milwaukee and has spoken candidly about her own childhood trauma. Click here to read the post by ACEs Connection member Michelle Sieg of SaintA who had first hand involvement in sharing the story of SaintA’s clients. Here is a preview of the 60 Minutes segment from CBS News.


  1. Yes, when will we reach the state where every child born is treated with loving care. How to raise the awareness of the importance of motherhood? Understanding the effects of ACEs is important but how we can prevent them will be the actual revolution to save humanity from itself. Loving care has to begin at home.

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  2. There is so much trauma people face daily.It is so heartbreaking to hear many stories. In Baltimore there has been so much violence. Many youth witness,so much and society feel a youth or adult can return to School and work as if it’s alright. Then it becomes a normal way of life but yet you walk around numb,hoping to block it all out. It would be great to have if Oparah could invite her Guest to be from Baltimore to share our stories and how we have made it through the pain.

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  3. @Oprah Winfrey, Coincidentally I have a friend who was just speaking to this issue Friday on a TV show in Maine. Her Name is Catherine Wilson and she runs an organization called Stop Trafficking US. She does good work and is a very powerful local speaker for these issues.

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