Roundup: Ideas for preventing child trauma fall short; child trauma costs billions in long run; extend restrictions for abusers in family violence

Since this is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, you’re likely to see many editorials and op-eds on the subject. Here’s one from today’s Bill Day’s illustration about verbal abuse (above) for this editorial is, in some ways, more on-target than the editorial. It’s a well-done editorial in the sense that it advocates not leaving child abuse prevention to police. And it also helps bust the myth that we cling to in our society: that strangers are what parents have to worry about most.

Rather, most people who commit child abuse are people we know well. They are parents strung out on drugs, dependent on alcohol or overwhelmed by mental illness to the point that they neglect their children. In fact, the majority of abuse cases involve child neglect, according to Marion County District Attorney Walt Beglau.

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