Roundup: One doc’s fascinating journey with obese patient; Minnesota children in prison experience more family violence; Newark, OH, op-ed on child abuse and brain damage

In this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association, Peter Vash, a physician at the University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Medicine, described a several-year journey with a morbidly obese patient that ended with the woman losing nearly 160 pounds and living a happier life.

Unlike most physicians, Vash did a detailed history in which he learned that Paula (not her real name) had been sexually molested by an uncle when she was a child. For a very long time, she did not associate her over-eating with her molestation. Vash’s story looks at how she arrived at that knowledge, and how that was critical to her recovering her health. Here’s some of what she told him (she gave Vash permission to tell her story):

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