Roundup: Pauley Perrette’s song about family violence; MA working to end time limits on child sex abuse prosecutions; series addresses child abuse in Missouri

FANS OF NCIS — Pauley Perrette, who plays forensic scientist Abby Sciuto, has written “Noise”, a song about family violence. She posted it last week on her Twitter account @PauleyP. Here’s the first verse:

As a kid I hid
No hit was harder
Than disapproval
The removal of self
That to not exist
was the only way
To try to be perfect
He would Yell She would Cry
He would yell She would Cry
He would Yell She would Cry
He would yell She would Cry

THE MASSACHUSETTS LEGISLATURE is working on a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations for child sex abuse, according to a report by Phil Salisbury on The report said that Speaker Robert DeLeo believed the bill could be voted into law by July.

In 2006, legislators extended the limit from 15 years after an alleged victim’s 16th birthday to 27 years. But victims have continued to step forward, arguing that even the extended limit failed to give them recourse against the sexual predators that had harmed them decades earlier.

LAKENEWSONLINE.COM, WHICH covers Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks region, has posted a series called “Child abuse at the lake”. In Part No. 11, “Introducing Kids’ Harbor”, Cara Gerdiman, the organization’s executive director, focuses on this child advocacy center that brings together “law enforcement, Children’s Division, the Juvenile Office, prosecution, medical and mental health providers to conduct a simultaneous investigation together rather than each agency conducting their own separate investigation in which information was not always shared between agencies.” It began with one office in 2001, which served 7 children. It now has three offices that served 643 children last year.

The series, which is written by people active in the child abuse prevention community, covers many factors involved in child abuse, including emotional abuse and domestic violence. It also introduces the local Child Advocacy Council.

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